Saturday, March 31, 2007

If I'd Only Known

Dear NCAA,

Next year, when you decide in October who will be in the National Championship game, please let me know so I don't have to waste a whole season watching what I think is a fairly called college basketball season.

Utlimately, maybe it wouldn't have made a difference, but I think the decision the fact that they simply weren't going to let Arron Afflalo play meaningful role in the game was devastating.

Also, Billy Packer can eat a cock. He's a piece of shit, plain and simple.


The Chronicler said...

Well said.

However, as bad as the officiating was, Florida won the game fair and square. The only thing you can point to with the officiating is taking Arron out early -- I wasn't able to see the second foul, but the first was legit and the third was close enough to get a call. Noah did get away with (at least) two flagrant pushoffs (and should have been T'd after the one he was called for), but only one was on the offensive end so that only led to two points, and we did foul them once under the basket without getting a call. Some ticky-tack (at best) over-the-backs were called against each team, and I think Florida only got away with one additional there. Afflalo getting fouled on the three was also bad, and there were a couple of times where Gators got the NBA star treatment on travelling.

That uncalled backcourt violation, while having no impact at all on the outcome of the game, may have been the worst non-call I've ever seen, though, no exaggeration. I can only imagine the ref was checking out the cheerleaders or something.

Still, all that doesn't add up to the deficit. UCLA could have played better, especially Collison on the offensive end and Afflalo once he actually got into the game in the second half. Florida just has a complete team and were playing at the top of their game.

Billy Packer is, indeed, horrible. How Jim Nantz and Packer get the #1 spot on a network with Dick Enberg and Jay Bilas (I used to be opposed to Bilas, but I thought he did a good job in the Western Regionals) is beyond ridiculous.

Oh well. With Kevin Love we'll win it all.

Anonymous said...

It was a massacre of officiating!

Being a UCLA fan, i did not see it affecting the game what so ever since we could make a single shot.

Even Florida got bamboozled on a few calls.


Pinko Punko said...

Billy Packer is the reason I cannot enjoy a single game in which he is involved in any way. He is a life sucking force. I would rather listen to a team of McCarver and McCarver and Cosell and Dierdorf call some weird made up sport hybrid than listen to Billy Packer on MUTE just knowing he is calling the game.