Monday, February 05, 2007

What a Glorious Morning

It's about five degrees below zero right now. I thought that temperatures that cold didn't really exist in nature, like it was always some sort of joke that I didn't get when people talked about the temperature being below zero. But nope, they exist alright. My eyeballs, the only part of my body not covered up during my walk to the train, froze briefly, I'm pretty sure. But don't worry, tomorrow it's supposed to get all the way up to nine.

But none of that matters, because it's a beautiful day. The Super Bowl is over, meaning I don't have to hear about football for about a week, at which point ESPN and other "news" sources will start dissecting the draft, and better yet, the Bears lost, which means I don't have to deal with insufferable Bears fans for the next God knows how long. Believe me, I hate the Colts, too, but I'm not surrounded by Colts fans.

Of course, I feel bad for some Bears fans, the ones I consider friends (at least until they read this post, I guess), but most of them are also White Sox fans, so it's not as if they haven't had a championship in 90 years. I don't think I have any friends who are both Cubs fans and Bears fans, so those people can eat it.


Anonymous said...

Bears suck! It's a glorious day to hate the Bears.

BTW: I forgot your new email address. So let me know now that I started my new job.

bf said...

umm, i'm a bears fan and a cubs fan. and i hate the cold. so this really sucks. why did i move here again?

the feeling you had today is the same feeling i have when the world series is over. i am now dreading the phrases: "pitchers & catchers" and "opening day". uuggh.

differences aside, i'll be a bachelor this weekend if you want to get some beers fri or sat.

Seitz said...

Ben - link to my email is up in the corner.

Faley - Maybe Friday. The T-Y is coming to town either Friday night or Saturday sometime for a concert on Saturday night, so that night is out.

Oh, and I don't count you as a Bears/Cubs fan. You'll always be a SoCal, whether you like it or not.