Thursday, February 08, 2007

Jamar Smith Watch - 2/7/07

For reasons I can't get into, I missed the Illinois game last night (that's a nice way of saying I forgot it was on). The Illini won at Northwestern, another "must" win if they're going to make the tournament. Their schedule really is easy down the stretch, and assuming they don't royally fuck things up, they should finish 9-7 in conference. I'm still not convinced that it will be enough.

Sean Pruitt had the big numbers with 13 points and 15 boards. Warren Carter added 17 and 8, and Rich McBride poured in 15 points on 5-11 shooting, all from beyond the arc, to go along with 6 assists.

As for Jamar, well, it appears that last week was an aberration. He's back to being Jamar ver.2.007. Last night's numbers:
1-6 from the field;
0-3 from three point land.

That gives us Conference numbers of:
17-76 (22.3%) from the field;
8-59 (13.6%) from three.

That's a drop of only .6% from the field, which means basically two things: 1) We're far enough along in conference play, and he's taken enough shots, that one game doesn't affect the numbers a ton; and 2) He's missed a whole bunch of shots, such that missing a bunch more doesn't change things much.

Keep shooting, Jamar. They've got to go in sooner or later.

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