Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Jamar Smith Watch

He was 0-2 last night, both shots from beyond the arc, in Illinois' 57-50 victory over Michigan State. The win gives regains some measure of bragging for me from my dad, a Michigan State grad. Whoopee. My team happened to suck a little less that night than his.

Anyway, since the Michigan game in early January, he's now 5/46 from the field (10.9%), and 2/35 from long range (5.7%). I don't think it's very easy to do worse than that while still actually trying to score. We're talking about a slump of historical proportions here.

Speaking of awful shooting, the two teams combined to make 36 of 94 shots last night, which is right around 38%. In addition, the Illini reached new depths by missing 15 of 31 free throws. It actually seemed worse than that if you were watching the game. Sean Pruitt was a Lorenzo Mata-like 5-14 from the line, except that, mercifully, Mata doesn't get to the line that much, probably because unlike Pruitt, he occasionally passes out of the post, something I haven't seen out of Pruitt in a while.

Anyway, a win is a win, and at least Chet Frazier played well (6/8 for 17 points). The schedule down the stretch is ridiculously easy, so they could actually end up with 19 wins and a record above .500 in conference. I'm guessing, though, that they'll lose at least one if not two sure win type games (either against Minnesota, Northwestern, or Penn State) due to poor free throw shooting. Just a hunch.

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