Saturday, December 02, 2006

Congratulations, Arizona

You beat an unranked team, playing without their two best players, essentially at home, and you still needed the refs to give Carter and Pruitt their fourth fouls with about 18 minutes to play. As a UCLA fan, let me just say that I'm glad this piece of shit team is in the Pac 10, because Arizona is incredibly overrated. Oh, and Cat fan, in case you forgot:

Suck on it.


Anonymous said...

Shocker. Illinois fan crying about the refs..

Seitz said...

Right, because Arizona fans never cry about officiating, loser.

Anonymous said...

Not really; especially in comparison to Illinois fact, they are universally know.

In regards to Arizona being overrated; considering they are ranked 16th in the nation, I think it's fairly obvious that they are not overrated. In fact, with the talent on that team, they are a top 10 squad. You want overrated? That team in Westwood isn't the best team in the country...or even the Pac 10.

It's too bad your jealousy of Arizona clouds your judgment, stick to baseball, something that you at least have a clue at.

Seitz said...

in fact, they are universally know.

Did they teach you that syntax in Tucson? Sad, really. You can start using real English any day now. Anyway, you want to see real whining about the refs? Check some of those Arizona threads from your epic regional final choke in 2005. That's grade A whining.

considering they are ranked 16th in the nation, I think it's fairly obvious that they are not overrated.

Well, that's a convincing argument. They're ranked, so they're not overrated. Whatever.

That team in Westwood isn't the best team in the country...or even the Pac 10.

Well, it's close between them and Washington, but I think they slightly edge out the Huskies. But those are clearly the top two teams in the conference. Mostly because the Bruins can play defense, and Washington can play inside, both things that the PussyCats in Arizona can't do.

You keep putting faith in Arizona, though. It will be sweet to see them go down again with their point guard who's about as smart as dirt making poor decision after poor decision down the stretch yet again. Hey, which Cat is going to get kicked off the team this year, only to brought back to the when they need an outside shooter? Nice choke job against unranked Virginia to start the year. And has Radinovich ever shown up for the second half of a big game?

Anonymous said...

If you don't think Arizona isn't one of the top 15 teams in college hoops then you are incredibly high, oblivious, or just a hater...I'm guessing the later.

I think it’s time for you to whine about the 2001 game…boo fucking hoo…

It's universally known that Illinois fans always blame the refs.


Seitz said...

2005, bitch. I think I can still see the tears from Arizona fans whining about officials. Because it's the refs' fault when you can't hold a 15 point lead with four minutes to go. Maybe if they'd played the last four minutes without their hands wrapped around their necks, they would have gone to the final four.

And no, I don't think Arizona is one of the fifteen best teams in the country. Not as long as they've got one of the dumbest players in America running the point.

Seitz said...

But you are right that I do hate Arizona.

Anonymous said...

2005 bitch? LOL. Big Deal...Congrats on second place. To be honest with you, I could care less about the refs, I was more upset about the 'neutral' home court.

Arizona fans don't cry about the refs.

Seitz said...

All of those pussyCats crying on the sidelines thought that game was a big deal.

Arizona fans don't cry about the refs.

That's probably the funniest thing I've ever read.

Here are some choice samples from GOAZCATS.COM following the 2005 game:
Cats were constantly being fouled, but the refs just let them play.

You absolutely can blame it on the refs, and I'm going to. And nothing anyone says will convince me otherwise. Ever.

And my favorite:
All this talk about choke is somewhat tough to swallow because of the above. When a team in the position that Illinois was in it had only one option and that was to go for every steal possible, to scrap and claw and hack and as long as the refs let them hack and foul without blowing the whistle that is the only way Illinois wins this game period.

And this is from a game where Illinois was whistled twice as many fouls as Arizona. Hilarious!

Anonymous said...