Saturday, April 29, 2006

White Sox 2; Angels 1

Kelvim, welcome to 2004. Of course, the lack of run support tonight came against a pitcher who apparently found something in mid-season last year, because he's been terrific ever since. Credit Don Cooper for noticing something in Contreras and getting him to Chicago where he could figure it out.

All of this shouldn't obscure the fact that the Angels' offense just absolutely sucks. They have one great hitter, one good hitter, a few OK hitters, and a bunch of dudes that are pretty much automatic outs. It doesn't help when Scioscia, apparently suffering from some massive head injury, decides to start Edgardo Alfonso at designated out-maker. I'm still trying to figure out why Tim Salmon wasn't at the plate at some point in the ninth inning. You can argue that he can no longer turn on a Jenks fastball, but to make that argument, you have to convince me that Alfonso can.

Escobar left the game for some reason after 72 pitches, but not before he provided some fireworks in the second when he plunked AJ Pieraslkdfjsky. I've said it before, but I hold no ill will towards AJ for what happened in last year's playoffs. He didn't do anything wrong. It's not his fault that Doug Eddings is a serial liar and incompetent piece of shit. But speaking of pieces of shit, AJ definitely qualifies, as most people who played with him on the Twins and Giants seem to agree with. The guy has been an asshole his entire major league career, and as such, if he were to get plunked in every at bat for the rest of his career, well, he probably deserves it.

This was a game the Angels could have won, though Scioscia's playing time decisions hamstrung them a bit. Now they have to win tomorrow against a pitcher who really doesn't scare me. We'll see which Magic Man shows up tomorrow. Let's hope it's the one who shut out the Sox last year in his second major league start.

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