Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tigers 5; Angels 2

That's pretty much what happens when the Angels face Bonderman. They lose. And they don't hit. And as such, I really don't have very much to say about this game.

In other news, Grant Lee Phillips was on tonight's Gilmore Girls episode. Yes, I DVRd tonight's episode because I knew Grant Lee was going to be on. I'm not ashamed to admit it. He's a cool dude and great songwriter. But the coolest thing is that tonight, in his brief 30 seconds or so, he was singing "40 Years" which was one of the singles from the debut album "Monkey on a Chain Gang" by House of Freaks, whose lead singer, Bryan Harvey, was murdered on New Years Day. I'm sure Harvey and Grant Lee were acquaintances, though I've never seen them linked anywhere, but I thought that was pretty neat.


moe said...

You shouldn't be ashamed of the Gilmore - Lauren Graham is HOTT.

I wonder how many other people noticed that connection, as it's pretty random (I wouldn't have). Though you are kind of a random guy like that. hehe

Anonymous said...


that was supposed to be signed