Monday, April 10, 2006

The Weekend

So obviously there have been no recaps of the games this weekend, Saturday because my out of town guest and I watched most of it at a bar, and Sunday because I didn't see much of the game due to playing in a golf tournament with said out of town guest. A breakdown of my weekend:

  • Early morning - drive to airport to pick up out of town guest.
  • Late morning - watch TV
  • Early afternoon - get lunch, head to Golfsmith to kill some time
  • Late afternoon - go back to Golfsmith so that out of town guest can buy a new driver
  • Night - head to bar to get dinner and beer
  • Early early morning: Wake up about 10 times during the night due to mystery illness
  • Early morning: throw up about three times with what appears to be food poisoning
  • Late early morning: throw up in my car as we arrive at the golf course, painfully hit golf balls on the driving range in a brave effort to soldier on despite illness
  • Late morning: Despite illness, lack of glycogen, and severe lack of sleep, drill a three wood about 240 yards to about 15 feet on the 6th hole of the day to set up a birdie, getting us to -5 through 6 holes (it was scramble format*).
  • Noon or so: We birdie our eigth hole of the day, getting us to -7 through 8.
  • Couple hours later: Birdie our 15th, 17th, and 18th holes to finish -12 on the day.
  • Hour or so later: Celebrate our first victory in three years of playing in this tournament, try to eat solid food. Go home, fall asleep watching Masters.
So that's kinda why I didn't post anything yesterday. I was pretty out of it, yet still managed to hit the ball fairly well.

As for our team, well, it was a total team effort. You win scrambles one of two ways: 1) Everyone on the team is playing well, or 2) everyone is playing OK, but someone always steps up to hit a clutch shot when you need it. We won the second way. Whenever we needed someone to put us in the fairway, or knock one tight on the green, or to make a big putt, someone always came through. It's very satisfying to win a tournament like that when everyone on the team makes major contributions. Two years ago we shot -6 in decent conditions and finished in the top half of 36 teams. Last year we played in brutally cold weather, shot -6, and finished somewhere in the top ten. Yesterday, conditions were terrific. Sunny all day, in the mid 50s most of the day. Under those conditions, I'm a little surprised that -12 held up, but as it turns out, we won by two shots. The $100 gift certificate will come in handy, seeing as how I spent $150 on new pants and new windshirt after throwing up on myself.

Anyway, enough about this for now. There will be plenty of golf talk as the amateur events start to roll around (I try and qualify for the Illinois State Mid-Amateur in two weeks). Back to Angels blogging beginning tonight.


J. Michael Neal said...

Best Event of the Weekend: Wisconsin 2, Boston College 1. The NCAA trophy stays in the WCHA for the fifth straight year, and six of the last seven. Better still, it returns to the Big Ten after a two year interlude in Denver.

The final wasn't as close as the final score would indicate. The Badgers just smothered the puck all night, and BC got very few chances at the net.

Seitz said...

I saw a fair amount of it because I wanted to see Brian Boyle play, since he's property of the Kings. BC's power play is just awful. Even worse than the Kings, which I didn't think was possible. It was on at the bar where were drinking, and that served me the food that gave me food poisoning.

Then again, it was practically a home game for Wisconsin.

J. Michael Neal said...

Sure, it was practically a home game for Wisconsin. As it was for us when we won in 2002. (Our 2003 win was in Buffalo.) Of course, BC had their chance in 1998 in Boston, but managed to lose to Michigan.

Yeah, the Eagles' power play was godawful bad on Saturday, but Wisconsin really is about that good on the penalty kill. The way Joe Pavelski could hold the puck in the Maine end on Thursday night without the Black Bears being able to get it away from him was something to behold. Of course, if anything, BC's power play looked even worse against North Dakota in the semis. They managed to convert one, but gave up two shorties. On the weekend, the Badgers were the only team to score more goals on their power play than they gave up. North Dakota went 0-8 (scored one, but gave one up), and BC and Maine were each at -1.