Saturday, April 15, 2006

Angels 2; Orioles 3

Didn't see this one. I'm sure it was available on the computer, but I have a qualifying round for the Illinois State Mid-Amateur Championship in a little over a week, and I needed to get out and practice. The good news is that in my first real round of the year, I fired a 74, and that's with a double bogey on the last hole when I inexplicably decided to play conservative. I did string together a stretch of three holes where I was four under par (birdie, eagle, birdie), so that's a good sign.

As for the game, it's my understanding that the Angels still refuse to play defense. When you don't score a lot of runs, it's imperative to keep the other team from scoring some of their own, and refusing to play defense is somewhat incompatible with that. The ace is on the mound tomorrow, and if I could choose one guy to help us salvage a game, it would be Lackey. Let's hope he starts like he finished his last game.

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J. Michael Neal said...

Hey, atr least you unloaded Finley. I just watched him completely butcher a single into a triple. That was followed by Vin Scully saying that when a five time Gold Glove winner can't backhand a ball, it wasn't catchable. Never mind that Steve Finley is no longer that same defender.