Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Angels and Kings both win; distract me from UCLA loss

Kings 1; Vancouver 0

Because of the basketball game and various family issues, I only say the third period of this one. Great to have Pavol back in the lineup, and Garon has looked terrific the last two games. Unfortunately, they've put themselves in a position where they pretty much have to win every game, just based on who they're playing. The Kings are tied for 9th with San Jose, but the Sharks have two games in hand. They can still catch Edmonton, who leads by three points in the same number of games, and Vancouver, who leads by two with one more game played, but they need to hold the Sharks off while doing it. Two of their final six are against San Jose, so it's pretty much win those two It's an uphill battle, but stranger things have happened, and they finally have everyone in the lineup at the same time for the first time in forever.

Tonight, they face the Sucks with their season on the line yet again. Lose this one, and they're go from life support to a feeding tube.

Angels 5; Mariners 4

The Angels start the season where they left off, in first place. Missed most of this one, but I did catch the last couple of innings. Terrific at bats by Kotchman and Figgins to draw the free passes, and then clutch Cabrera came through with the game winning single. Didn't see what I can only assume was tremendous work by JC Romero to get out of a bases loaded, nobody out jam in the sixth. Shields was solid as expected, and other than a hanger by Frankie to Petagine, he looked sharp. Didn't throw the changeup he's been working on, but often a pitcher likes to save something like that until he needs, lest he show it too soon. Anyway, great way to start the season.

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