Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Angels 8; Twins 2

The pythagorean numbers are starting to come back to earth now that the Angels have been on the winning end of two lopsided vicotories in their last three. I have to admit, I wasn't optimistic about this one. After watching Vlad hit into a first inning double play, visions of the the five double play, 11 hit shutout that Silva threw against the Angels last year were dancing in my head. When the Twins got on the board first in the third inning, I was pretty sure that the Angels were done. Fortunately, I don't write the script, and the Angels responded with two runs in the top of the fourth, and three more in the top of the fifth, the final two coming on a monster shot over the right field baggie by noted slugger Chone Figgins.

Kelvim almost let the lead get away from him, giving up a double to Lew Ford, followed by two straight singles to open the bottom of the fifth. But he responded by striking out Joe Mauer and Luis Castillo before inducing an inning ending grounder from Tony Batista. The good news was that the infield actually held on to the ball this time and actually did end the inning. Escobar escaped with only one run in the frame, and the Twins wouldn't score again. Those were two of 10 strikeouts from Kelvim, who rebounded from a poor start in his previous effort.

Our Santana takes the mound tomorrow night. The Angels mercifully avoid their Santana later in the week. Then again, as his fantasy owners will tell you (me included), their Santana has been pretty mediocre to awful in his first few starts, so maybe that's not necessarily a good thing. The Angels go back up over Oakland by a half game for a couple of hours until Oakland dispatches the Tigers. The good news is that despite the Halos' uninspiring play to this point, they're still atop the division, thanks to the rest of the division playing really crappy as well. The bad news is they've missed a golden opportunity to open a three game lead or so. Oh well, it's a long season.

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