Thursday, April 20, 2006

Angels 6; Twins 4

Nice recovery from last night's debacle. Despite some early game struggles from Hector Carrasco, he was able to settle down and turn the game over the Kevin Gregg in the fifth inning who escaped a two on, none out jam with no damage. Excellent contribution in his first game replacing Bart, who was placed on the DL. He gave them four strong innings with only one run allowed. He entered the game trailing and left with the lead, turning it over to Donnelly, who struggled through two four hitters.

The big brass ones award goes to Mike Scioscia. One night after watching Frankie get lit, he brought him in for a four out save. Frankie responded, retiring the first three hitters he faced before allowing a two out single, after which he struck out Torii Hunter to end the game. Every time he struggles, Will Carroll (who is actually a pretty good guy in person) is ready to bury him, and today was no different, as Will speculated that Frankie could be hiding an injury. Maybe he is, but if that's the case, he sure hid it pretty damn well today. Look, anyone can predict that a small guy who throws 96 is going to get hurt. Hell, anyone can predict that ANY pitcher will get hurt. Do it long enough, and you're bound to be right. This is the fourth straight year that a fairly serious injury has been predicted for K-Rod. At what point does the law of averages turn analysis into an amazing ability to predict the inevitable?

Adam Kennedy is in full contract year mode. Two more hits and two more RBIs today. He's up to .388 and as NPCody pointed out over at the Rev's site, he's got a higher batting average (.388) than wunderkind Howie Kendrick (.386). He's been dominant on the road trip, and if he could hit for power, he could be carrying the team. He can also catch, which is a step above just about everyone else on the team.

Big set with Oakland gets underway tomorrow. The A's choked one away against the Tigers today, giving the Angels sole posession of first place. Big series, man. Big series.

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J. Michael Neal said...


We got that bases loaded walk through our own efforts, dammit.

Well, at least we got Inge's fifteen pitch walk on our own. Look! Another foul ball down the first base line!