Sunday, December 18, 2005

Kings 4; Coyotes 1

Didn't see all but the last ten minutes or so, as I was at the company holiday party. Another great effort from Garon, on back to back nights, no less. Also nice to see Demitra on the scoreboard, and Corvo with his fifth. Another power play goal, so maube that's starting to come around as well.

I'll be back in the sunshine of LA for the next cople of weeks, so the games will be starting a couple hours earlier. Don't know how blogging will be affected. Probably not very much.


JenJen said...

Not sure if you do NFL, but there are some nasty spreads this weekend.

Any thoughts? Admittedly, I'm reaching.

Seitz said...

Not a big NFL guy. I follow it loosely, and to the extent I'm a fan, I root for the Broncos, but don't really do any gambling on sports unless I'm in Vegas, so don't get into it too much. I'm more of a college football and basketball guy than a pro football and basketball guy. I'll watch the playoffs though, if something strikes me, I may write about it. I don't feel like I follow it closely enough to write intelligently about it. I feel like I would be cheating you, my loyal reader(s).