Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas Comes Early (But possibly so does Grinch)

Haven't seen this reported anywhere yet (update: has it), but my brother just called and told me that he heard a report that Steve Finley has been traded. That's the good news. I assume the report is coming from ESPN radio as heard in Anchorage, Alaska. Now the bad new: They got Edgardo Alfonzo in return. The good news is that we get rid of a 40 year old center fielder with no range who put up a 73 OPS+ last year. The bad news is that we get a broken down 32 year old third baseman who hasn't had a triple digit OPS+ in three years. The salaries wash, and right now, I don't know how long Alfonso has left on his deal.

What does this mean? Could be a few things. Here's my best case, worst case, and most probably case:
  • Best case: Erstad to center; Kotchman to first; Figgins to everywhere; Alfonzo to the bench or released; McPherson to third; with Rivera being the DH when the schedule permits.
  • Worst case: Erstad to first; Figgins to center; Alfonzo to third; Kotchman to DH/bench; Rivera to DH/bench; McPherson to DH/bench
  • Probable case: Erstad to center; Kotchman to first; Figgins to everywhere; Alfonzo to third; McPherson to bench
Let me be clear. Barring any unforseen injuries or failure to produce during spring training, if McPherson is not starting at third or as the every day DH next year (assuming he DH's because Figgins is at third), I'll be pissed. If Alfonzo does start at third next year, I'll be pissed. If both happens, nothing in my apartment is safe.

I swear to god, I'm gonna break something if the Angels start Alfonzo at third this year over D-Mac.


J. Michael Neal said...

Should I pass this post along to your rental insurance agent? I think that your rates would go way, way up. They'll take on risk, but not certain losses.

JudyB said...

I'm so glad they got rid of Finley - I sent comments to several other bloggers today, offering him to the Red Sox, who seem to need a center fielder. I didn't care if we got anyone in return - sounds like we didn't! The report on the Angels website seems to imply that Alfonzo will most likely start on the bench if DMac is healthy, with Figgy in center - but they don't mention Kotchman at all (but then they don't mention Erstad either).

Anonymous said...

Just don't break your tv or computer, everything else is expendable.

NFL Adam said...

Like they could not have traded Finley back to Arizona for Glaus? Good gawd, if you want to go with the kids, start all of them. Bring them up and bite the bullet. Give Vlad a year off to rest up and give it a run in 2006. Some of these moves are just baffling.