Sunday, October 09, 2005

On the bright side

The Kings won. I didn't see more than bits and pieces of this one because of the Angels game, but I did see Pavol Demitra rifle home the game winner in overtime on some nifty foot work that you used to see out of Mark Messier and Craig Johnson. And yes, that's the only time you'll see Mark Messier and Craig Johnson in the same sentence.

Three one goal games, and the Kings are 2-1.


Anonymous said...

the difference between CJ and Mess being that Mess usually scored on those kinds of shots, whereas CJ's would either go wide right or straight into the glovehand.

Joe said...

Don't EVER mention Craig Johnson again! He's a god damn cockroach...he will not die!

Anywho, nifty goal by Pavol. Two goals, two game winners so far. Garon looked great, too.