Saturday, September 03, 2005

Mariners at least 6; Angels likely no more than 2

I'm not real big on booing guys. Most of the time, I figure guys are giving it their all, and sometimes things don't bounce your way. But if I had been at the game, I've gotta think I would have joined in with the rest of the crowd who booed Donnelly and Shields off the field. These guys just suck. It's so goddamn predictable. What was it I was saying the other day?

When the offense provides some runs, the pitchers can't hold the opponents down consistently. When the starters and the offense do their job to get the game to the bullpen, they blow it more often than should be acceptable.

These guys just suck. I was thinking it during the earlier innings of tonight's game, but why the hell did Escobar go 74 pitches last night? Honestly, right now I say you give Donnelly and Shields seats right next to Finley, use Frankie for any possible seventh inning work, and make Escobar the setup/closer. I'm serious. He has the stamina to go two at a time. Give him the ball and fuck all of the other guys. Although now that I think of it, Shields could be useful if the Angels needed someone to provide an intentional walk.

Nine fuckin' runners left on base. Then again, I'm shocked that nine runners even reached base. Sorry, Wash, but when you sign your big contract next season and ditch this group of losers, I hope you go to a team that can actually hit.

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