Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Mariners 2; Angels 1

Mike Scioscia deserves 100% of the blame for any game in which Steve Finley plays. That goes double for any game in which Erstad bats fifth. It's that simple. On top of that, he refused to pinch hit for Darin Erstad in an obvious pinch hit situation. The logical choice would have been to call up Quinlan in that situation. Erstad was unlucky, as he hit the ball hard, but right at Beltre. Doesn't matter. It was a predictable situation, as it's a lot tougher to control the bat against a lefty with a good curve ball.

For the second night in a row, the Angels face a guy who should be selling life insurance, and they make him into an award winner. This offense is absolutely putrid. Thank God for the schedule, or at least the A's drawing the tough teams part. The easy schedule for the Angels looks like it will prove to be anything but.

Under .500 since the all star break. This, folks, is not a good baseball team. Winning three straight over another incredibly overrated team over the weekend doesn't change that.

Assuming I come to my senses tomorrow, there probably won't be a game recap. It depends on how badly I want to go see the Brian Jonestown Massacre. The Angels just gave me one more reason to NOT stay home.


matt said...

Erstad didn't hit that ball hard. It was a squibbed one-hopper.

And Scioscia is really losing his balls, despite the sweet 5-infielder DP in the 9th. If you can't tell a 40-year-old cripple to fuck off, or your girlie-hitting Heart And Soul to sit his punter-ass down against a tough lefty, then you need a spinal transplant. Goddamit.

Seitz said...

I didn't see the double play or the game winning hit. After Ibanez's single, I changed the channel and started writing this post. I just assumed it was over.

Joe said...

If it makes you feel any better, I went to the Kings camp today. JR was paired with Frolov and Cammy and they looked sharp. Lemme know if you want more details!

Seitz said...

Who was skating with Demitra? Luc and Brown?

Joe said...

1st session:

Frolov, Roenick, and Cammy were on a line together. JR was great, whooping and hollering after making plays and his energy was felt throught the complex. He even had Frolov and Cammy, who are pretty quiet guys, pumped up and getting into it. I’m not as big on Cammy as some are, but this line looks like it could be a decent #1 line. Frolov looks like he’s in line for 70+ points this year. Very good chemistry on that line.

Kopitar centered another team (Noah Clarke and Marty Wilford on wings). Kopitar looks like a 10-year vet out there, not an 18-year-old. I doubt he’ll make the team, but his slapshot is awe inspiring and he’s got a real knack for the offensive game. Clarke is an amazing skater. Hopefully he has a good year in Manchester.

Lubomir skated with the top line and he looked good. We’ll need him to step it up this year. None of the other defensemen in the 1st session were all that impressive (most were guys who are going to Manchester or Reading.)

Garon was out on the ice for the 1st session and looked really solid. I’m really nervous about our goalie situation, but I think Garon can hang and do a good job.

2nd session:

Luc, Armstrong and Bure were paired together (can you pair three people?) Nothing news worthy. Armstrong might be regulated to 4th line/scratch unless he has a good camp. Good to see Luc out there and Bure was flying out there. Seems like he’s 100% healthy.

Another “line” was Roussin and Pushkarev, sans a center. Roussin was a steal in the 2nd round this year. They guy has game, so all the naysayers who thought playing with Crosby padded his stats are dead wrong. Pushkarev could really move. In a few years, he’ll be our #1 option for overtime shootouts.

Another line was Cowan, E. Belanger and Parros. Cowan stinks (Flinn is a better option at this point) and E. Belanger really let me down. I love E-Bel but he had no intensity out there.

Miller and Gleason played together. Miller looked really good (skating better than I remember) and Gleason really didn’t standout. Like most of our d-men, Gleason needs to take it up a notch this year. Corvo played defense with Brad Norton (last minute invitee). Norton is Lappy-Lite and can play LW or D and Murray had him at D. I don’t think he has a shot to stick.

Hauser was in the net for the session and looked really bad at times. He’s got a gaping five-hole.

3rd session:

Brown, Conroy and Demitra on a line together. They’ve never played together and it really showed. Brown has fire in his eyes and I’d love to see him on the #2 line this year. He’ll have people saying “Deadmarsh who?” Conroy looked really rusty and Demitra kinda had an additude early on. When drills are coming to a close, Murray will blow his whistle twice, signaling that the drill is over and to skate your ass off too the corner where he, Hardy, Van Boxmeer, etc. will chalk up the next drill. Last guy to the group (goalies excluded) has to do a lap. First time this happened in the 3rd session, Demitra was last and didn’t want to do the lap. I don’t know if he was dogging it or wasn’t aware of the rule. He did the lap only half way. Later in the session he was last again but did the whole lap. We’ll see…

Tambellini played LW on a line and he is just as fast as everyone says. Kostopoulos, Avery and Flinn played together and I think that will be the checking line, with Cowan playing a few times. Avery and Flinn got into a little scrap but no punches were thrown. You gotta love the intensity of those two!

Dempsey and Norstrom were paired together. Dempsey’s gonna rack up points this year I think and having him with Norstrom is a nice combo.

LaBarbera was in goal and look absolutely AWFUL! Flinn was schooling him on blueline blasts. I really don’t think LaBarbera is capable of being a NHL backup. The goaltending has me really worried.

Bob Miller and Jim Fox were in the house. Always good to see them. I stood next to Dave Taylor for a few minutes and chatted about the draft and the new CBA. It was a good time.

I’m going back on Thursday, hopefully I’ll come back with some pictures.