Saturday, September 17, 2005

Angels 7; Tigers 6

It was a little too late for a recap last night, and by now, you probably know what happened. I'm not sure I really have any more to add to what Matt has said. Besides, I've already said it a million times. Finley sucks hard, and Erstad has no business batting fifth. However, there were faint glimmers of hope last night, as Scioscia finally removed Finley in a pressure at bat with another left hander. Sure, Kotchman struck out on a pitch that was nowhere near the strike zone, but it was a step in the right direction.

The Angels reclaimed sole posession of first after an extra inning loss by the A's, so let's hope the same happens again today.

Bruins v. Sooners today in what's really a make or break game for Dorrell. Oklahoma is wounded and vulnerable, while the Bruins' offense is clicking. The stars are going to determine the outcome of this one. Olson, Drew and Marcedes Lewis against the Sooners defense, and on the other side, it will come down to Justin London and Spencer Havner against student of the year Adrian Peterson. I think the Bruins are going to win, but it will be struggle, as I think they still need to gain confidence. I'm not sure they believe they can play with an Oklahoma team, even one that's poor by Oklahoma standards. If it's tied at half time, or the Bruins lead, they win the game. If they trail at the half, it will go to Oklahoma.

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