Monday, July 11, 2005

Hey, it's a day off for me, too

Honestly, it's been a busy weekend and it's carried over into today, so I'm kind of digging a day with no baseball, minus the home run derby.

Caught some of the home run derby. They're better in person. I've been to two, and it's just not as fun on TV. It's also not that fun when none of the Angels are participating. It was pretty cool when GA won in Chicago a couple of years ago. At the actual game itself that year there was a guy in an Expos Guerrero jersey who kept badmouthing Troy Glaus, and you could tell he was doing it a little louder because I was seated so close to him. Granted, Troy was having a down year, but at the time, I kept wanting to ask "how many World Series MVPs does Vlad have." A year later, Vlad was in Anaheim. Expensive weekend for the all-star package, but a lot of fun.

Scary story for David Eckstein this weekend. Apparently he was on the phone with his dad when his dad started experiencing kidney failure, which looks like it runs in his family. Long story short, they got emergency assistance soon after and looks like he'll be back to normal, although he is awaiting a transplant (as he was before this incident).

To the extent that the Angels still have any shot at the playoffs, I'd really like them to play the Cardinals. Mostly, I just want to see the ovation that Eckstein would get from the fans in Anaheim. I think it would be a nice juxtaposition to what I hope would be a loud show of disdain for Jim Edmonds.


halofan said...

unfortunately, they still pine for hteir JIMMY in Anaheim, but Eck would get the greater ovation.

Anonymous said...

Did you see those scrubs in the outfield during the home run derby? Where did they find those stiffs? That dude in left was terrible. Come on MLB, your better that that.