Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Braves 3; Angels 2

Well, according to Rob, nothing much happened. I had a bad feeling about the offense in this one for some reason, and sure enough, they didn't come through. Honestly, I only saw probably the first three innings. The weekend, the red-eye, and the lack of sleep caught up with me, and I passed out about 7:30 CDT, and missed pretty much the whole thing. I woke up with the game over, and the TiVo tuned to the Discovery Channel to record Deadliest Catch.

Once again, I shirk my responsibility to you, the reader. I offer my apologies. Feel free to provide your own recap in the comments.


FatMan said...

Spoon is gonna be on WNYC at 2 PM, you can listen on-line.

Seitz said...

They have an archived performance from Morning Become Eclectic on KCRW as well. I linked to it on a Spoon post a few weeks ago. Dig through the archives and you can find a link.