Sunday, June 05, 2005

Angels 13; Red Sox 6

Colon and the Angels took a little trip down memory lane today. His 11 strike outs reminded of the days when he was a dominant strike out pitcher. His five runs allowed over six innings, and his large run support reminded of last year, when he somehow won 18 games with an ERA over 5. The Angels remembered what it was like to actually win a game in Fenway park. The Angels pounded out 13 runs on 17 hits, and just demolished the Sox bullpen, tagging the relievers for 11 runs in three innings.

Congratulations to Garret Anderson, who passed Tim Salmon for the all time Angels lead in runs driven in. That's two Salmon records he's broken this season. He also missed the cycle by a double. He seems to be regaining his power stroke a bit, and he's hitting over .300. Figgins went deep for the second time in as many games, and D-Mac chipped in with a single and a run scored. I'm still looking for any little bit of production from him. Even in a 1-5 game, I think the hit helps build his confidence, and when he starts swinging the bat a little more consistently, he's going to be a force.

This game was long. Very long. And it's length seemed to make me more exhausted. Honestly, it's almost 2:00 am Chicago time (which I'm still on), and since about 6:00 am Chicago time yesterday, I've had about two hours of real sleep, plus the winks I got on the flight. I'm on fumes at this point.

Had dinner with T.J. Simers and his daughter, and the two other guys that are playing golf with us tomorrow. Talk about a small world, one of the guys is also a UC Riverside grad. Not only that, he's a Phi Delt, and played on their hockey team. He was probably one of the two or three players that we hated the most in those days. Of course, that's all water under the bridge now, but it was spooky when I found out. And I'm serious, we hated this guy. We had a pretty nice evening all told, and TJ picked up the tab at McCormick and Schmicks. I had the Halibut. Honestly, I've become a seafood snob. When it comes to Halibut or Salmon, I refuse to eat it unless it's wild Alaskan fish. That's what happens when your brother and his family move to Anchorage, and you read about the evils of salmon farming.

Tomorrow's game is a day game, so I won't be providing a recap. Hopefully something interesting will happen at the golf tournament, and I'll write about that. I tried not to oversell myself tonight, so hopefully I'll be striking the ball like I did yesterday. I'd actually like to win this thing (it's a scramble, so thankfully, the other guys get to putt, too).


Rob said...

What's evil about salmon farming?

Seitz said...

This article pretty much covers the problems with farm raised salmon and the problem with salmon farming in general.