Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Angels 10; White Sox 7

My theory is that Frankie was a little upset that he wouldn't be pitching in a save situation, and decided to make things interesting. REALLY interesting. I would admit to my heart sinking when Uribe hit the long foul ball that almost won the game, but the fact is, I'd resigned myself to seeing them lose in dramatic fashion to the Sox AGAIN (see yesterday's post). The final out was a nice surprise.

Dallas is really starting to swing the bat well. 2 more hits tonight, and a walk, 3 runs, and 3 RBI. Nice production. And he really launched that homer. I rarely see balls hit that far to center field at the Cell. Any time you get two hits out of each of McPherson, Finley, and Cabrera, it's really a game you have to win.

At this rate, I'm picking sometime around mid-August before Kotchman gets one out of the infield. No joke, in the seventh inning, I told my buddy that the Sox were stupid to pitch to Molina, because Kotch was a guaranteed double play. Instead, they pitched to Molina, he ripped a two run single, and Kotch followed by hitting into a double play. Oh well, anytime the opposing manager outdumbs the Angels, it's fine by me.

Not as many insults tonight, but the crowd was smaller. Special thanks to the drunk lady who got off the Red Line at the North and Clybourn stop, then walked back over to the door by which I was standing, prompted me to remove my headphones (was listening to some Teenage Fanclub) just to tell me that "Anaheim sucks". I agree, Anaheim sucks.

Shields looked very sharp in the 8th, which was good to see. Note to Donnelly, you can't go to your mouth while on the mound. Three or four more automatic balls and he might figure it out. Interesting note, the scoreboard registered that as a pitch on their pitch count counter. I guess it technically has to be, but if I'm watching that to see how tired a guy is getting, it seems kind of stupid.

Much needed day off. Boston isn't scaring anyone right now, so let's go get a couple in Beantown and hope Texas takes tonights loss to the Tigers really hard.


halofan said...

G.A. is two behind Salmon in alltime Angel RBI and I wanted him to get them tonight with you there, but I guess nobody told him you had arrived.

FatMan said...

High Five!

Hey, I'm gonna be going to the wedding of a friend of my girlfriend in Chicago on September 17th. As a thank you for my going to the wedding of a stranger, Alex has agreed to take a late flight home so I can go to the Cubs game that Sunday. You gonna be around?

Seitz said...

I should be. I can't see why I wouldn't be. A check of the schedule shows nothing planned at the moment. I'm up for it.