Sunday, May 29, 2005

Angels 7; Royals 6

Whoa. Got a little crazy there at the end, but the Angels held on. I think this is actually a pretty good thing. Bad outing from Shields, but he picked a great time to have a bad outing. He did just enough to hold on, and if he worked out some of the kinks, he should be fine in his next outing.

The old man and the bat ripped a bases clearing double in the third, and scored on the Matt Stairs overthrow to complete the Little League home run. Then later, Mr. Clutch, Jose Molina, ripped a bases clearing double in the fifth to extend to a 5 run lead, which turned out to be just enough.

No homer from McPherson today, but he had a nice single in the second, an at bat in which he looked very confident to me. He also hit a ball hard for an out, and struck out twice, so maybe he's not as confident as I thought. Oh well, 3 out of 4 games isn't too bad. I still say we shouldn't send him down, although Matt may try to convince me otherwise. I mean, he did make three whole outs today. By the way, I haven't heard to many comments about his defense lately, but he sure looks OK to me.

Colon looked fairly sharp, and he owned David DeJesus. He's looking like very legitimate Cy Young candidate, and perhaps it's too early to start talking about that stuff, but with Garland's recent struggles (hey, thanks for nothing against the Rangers, John), I suspect we'll be hearing Colon's name more and more in that regard.

On to Chicago for three against the Sox. I'll probably skip tomorrow, but I've got tickets for Tuesday and Wednesday, so I hope to provide my up close and personal observations. Observation number 1: They have really good food at Commiskey. Tuesday I'll be going with a guy who likes to order a Polish loaded with grilled onions, which he then takes to the condiment section so he can add more raw onions to the mix. He's a pretty big guy, so I don't make fun of him for it. It's also a good idea to go with a really big dude when you're rooting for the other team.

On a further note, I'll be back in LA next weeked for a couple of days to play in a golf tournament, which I'll write about if I feel like I can handle the embarrassment of the whole situation. Trust me, you'll see what I mean if I do indeed comment on it.


Halofan said...

McP is fine on D, close to being as good as Glaus.

Seitz said...

Glaus is flashier and has better range. But what Dallas appears to lack in range over Glaus, he makes up for with a more accurate arm.

matt said...

Glaus was dynamite when he first came up, but got older, heavier, slower, and injureder. D-Mac had that deer-in-headlights look, until one day he didn't. And he seems to be a better athlete, though I may have forgotten how sweet Troy was when he was still a youngun.