Tuesday, May 24, 2005

White Sox 2; Minor Leauge Caliber Offense 1

A wise man once said "Evil always wins, because Good is dumb." He was right. Tonight, dumb brought Estaban Yan into a tie game, and Evil took advantage.

Pitcher's duel, just like we all expected. Bartolo was dealing, but a long at bat or two got his pitch count up. Silly batters. The Angels hitters care not for long at bats, and would rather go down early in the count, the better to allow the opposing pitcher to go deeper into the game. Buerhle was excellent through nine, Damaso Marte picked him up for an inning in the tenth, and the Sox pushed one across again Yan in the top of the 11th on a Tadohito Iguchi double.

Honestly, I was having some serious computer issues during this game, so I wasn't able to soak as much up as I would have liked. Probably a good thing.

Freddie Garcia versus J-dub tomorrow in what should be another fine matchup, assuming good (but not dumb) Washburn pitches.

To add insult to tonight's injury, Marte stayed in to pick up the save, going two innings in the process. Meanwhile, Hermanson stayed on the bench, and could only dream of the fantasy points that he wasn't allowed to pick up for me tonight.

Ugh, this one sucked all around. And not to take anything away from Buerhle, but it's tough to listen to the Sox anouncers lavish praise on him. I'm putting this one down as 35% Buerhle goodness, 65% Angels offensive crapiness.

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