Thursday, May 26, 2005

Angels 3, White Sox 2

Didn't see it. Caught the last two innings at a bar down the street. Got guests in town, so I don't gots a lot 'o time.

Nice blast by Dallas. He apparently hit it a little harder than last night. Donnelly looked like he lost his release point. Good job by Scioscia to make the move. Nice work by Shields in the ninth.

I don't know if they mentioned this in the broadcast, but they didn't need to throw down to first for the last out in the eighth. First base was occupied, so the batter was automatically out. Doesn't matter anyway. We hold first for another night. Now we get the easy team. Hopefully the Sox can't knock the Rangers down a peg or two.

Anyway, I missed a lot of stuff. Someone comment and tell me how Lackey looked. Thanks in advance.


The Chronicler said...

Actually, I'm pretty sure that with two outs it doesn't matter if first is occupied or not; the batter can go to first on a PB on strike three if there are two outs, no matter what.


halofan said...

I am certain Steve Physioc will bring it up in great detail during a crucial moment in a futre game.