Friday, April 16, 2010

No Moral Victories in the Playoffs

1) The Vancouver Canucks aren't that fucking good.

2) Randy Jones really sucks.

As to point two, I saw the Kings play the Blackhawks at the United Center in March. I sat in the 300 level behind the net that the Hawks shot at twice, and if one thing was evident from that game, it was that Randy Jones is not an NHL caliber defenseman. His giveaway gave the game to the Hawks. His giveaway at center ice led to the exchange that cost the Kings tonight. He is worse than both Peter Harold and Davis Drewiske, both of whom were healthy scratches tonight.

The Kings played the Canucks tough, but they turned Saturday into a must win. Lose Saturday, and Dean Lombardi starts planning for next season. Very, very disappointing result tonight against a decidedly mediocre team.

And the Angels apparently still suck, but I'm losing interest real, real fast.

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