Friday, April 17, 2009

This Is A Bad Baseball Team

Look at the bright side, folks. You won't be losing the float on those playoff deposits.

I'm not sold on the idea that an offense needs to walk and hit homers to score, but you also can't rely on stringing a ton singles together. Don't let the nine runs fool you. This is not a good offense.

As for the pitching, well, the front line guys are fucking head cases. They give up one hit and refuse to ever go back to the zone. You guys wanted Frankie gone, and you got your wish. Now we have no one, outside of Speiere (believe it or not) who can get anyone out.

No one in the minors to take over outside of Wood and Rodriguez. Crippling contracts to Matthews and now, apparently, Rivera. The run is over. This team will not return to the post-season until 2014 at the earliest.

Vlad, out for more than a month.

Season. Over.


Marcus said...

I agree with you that this is probably their last shot in a while.

Of course, if we had a competent front office, we'd trade away major league talent for prospects come the All-Star break so we could begin to compete again in two years, not five.

But we don't. And we won't.

It's frustrating that the Kings currently have a brighter future.

PieceOfAase said...

Yeah, this has the looks of a long season, albeit only a few games into it. The bullpen, once an unparalleled strength, is now on life support, ready to invoke the DNR and summoning the priest for last rites.

Hurtling toward mediocrity, one game at a time.