Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Since the end of January, I've been dieting and exercising more. The exercise primarily consists of riding my bike, which is set up on a mag trainer, for about 30 minutes a night, fairly strenuously (at a cadence between 85 and 120). I'm currently down about 40 pounds over that time. I may just need to celebrate by treating myself to one of these:

These things look totally awesome, and way more comfortable than a regular trainer.


Rob said...

Good for you. How close to your target weight are you?

Seitz said...

Thanks. Don't really have a target. I started at about 220 (5'10"), and initially I would have said that I'd love to lose 50-60. But I would have been satisfied after 20. I just kept up with the diet and exercise, and it's kept coming off, but it's slowed down a bit. So pretty much now my goal is just the next five pounds and re-evaluate. I'm probably 5-10 pounds away from what I weighed about 12 years ago, which was after I lost a bunch of weight after college.

Rob said...

Yeah, the last few are tough. I got under the weight I graduated from college at. (I'm pretty stable right now at 178 though I was down as low as 171, from 230 at 5'9"; I was 180 then, and maybe a bit more.) For me it was either lose the weight or start shooting up with insulin on a daily basis, and the second option was a non-starter. I don't know if diabetes runs in your family, but it does in mine, and it's a powerful motivator, especially when you read about the negative consequences.

I've gained back just under 10 lb from my previous low, so I've started running 5k every day to help with that. Going to the gym more regularly would help, too, because I may be missing some muscle mass, and that has a big effect on your idle calorie burn.

Seitz said...

Yeah, I need to add some muscle as well. I'm just a little concerned about what it will do to my golf game. I think the weight loss has already had some effect, not all positive. That's not to say I wouldn't do it again the same way. I just need to find a way to adjust.

No history of diabetes, but being a little overweight runs in the family, so it's a struggle. My brother has never had a problem though. It's from my dad's side. But I'd like to get the body fat % down more, and one of doing that is increasing muscle.