Thursday, June 05, 2008

Fakey Fake

Always been down with one of them too
You were the fake and I was the fool
But you were too young to know all the rules
So I was the fake and you were the fool

I went to law school with a guy named Jimmy. Bostonian. Great guy, but typical Boston fan. So anyway, I was at his place tonight watching the Lakers and Celtics in game one of the NBA finals.

Let the record show that the minute Paul Pierce went down with his "injury", I predicted that he'd milk it for all it was worth, and come back in the fourth quarter. I was wrong about the timing, but right about him being a fucking faker. Seriously, have you ever known someone who injured A knee, yet couldn't put weight on his GOOD knee to walk off the court? Only Boston fans could be dumb enough to buy into his act.

It wasn't the Lakers' night. Countless shots went down only to rattle back out. And the officiating, was of course, atrocious. But this is the NBA, so I expect it to be atrocious in the other direction next week. But the point is, Paul Pierce is a faker, Ray Allen is old, and Kevin Garnett only plays three quarters per game, so I'm not particularly concerned.

Go Lakers.

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