Wednesday, March 26, 2008

In Agreement with the Chronicler

I pretty much agree with all of this. And that goes for the basketball posts as well.
But, at this point, I've been doing this for the Vlad Era, and this many years into it, I think I'm pretty much out of things to say. Rally Monkey's better than I am on the stats stuff, Rob has the minor leagues covered with his daily updates, and I can always count on Seitz to criticize John Lackey's pitch selection or the umpires or whatever. Not to mention that Halos Heaven is about as thriving an online fan community can be. I think my capacity to share with my readership something new, and my devotion and energy to finding new things to share, is at a nadir. And the Halosphere has me covered -- I'm sure my twenty or so readers will manage.

Who knows, in two or three weeks, with the season in full swing, maybe something will occur to me. Maybe I'll end up doing one piece per month or something. If you have me in your blog reader, keep me there. If you don't have me in it, well, then you probably aren't reading this anyway. If you don't have a blog reader, you should start using one, they're really convenient.
Writing has been sporadic primarily because the few people that read this site come from either Bruins Nation or Angels sites, primarily Halos Heaven. And as those sites are updated much more frequently and have larger communities, most of what I could find myself saying has already been said, and at a place or places where the people that read this site have already been or will soon be going. That's part of the reason there have been more music posts. This is a pretty self indulgent exercise to begin with, and I'm not really out there soliciting traffic, though it's nice to know people stop by.

That said, I assume that once the season starts, blogging will pick up more regularly. As the Chronicler noted, writing's only kind of fun when you have something to say. And most of what I write is based on what I see. Take for instance the post below on the UCLA game. Those are observations, some of which have since been covered multiple places, but they were thoughts fresh in my head based on what I had witnessed, and hopefully there was something there that someone enjoyed, or hadn't thought of in quite the same way. I'm not really a stat guy, so I'm not going to do any in depth analysis in that regard. When the games start up, and I start seeing more stuff, I'll start writing about more stuff.

That said, I will be writing more about the Kings next year, but probably not here. It's an opportunity to write for someone else's site, and I'll have more on that as the day approaches. That's of course in addition to the sporadic "Song of the Day" stuff I've had over at the Bulls' place.


Anonymous said...

It's hard to come by ucla post game analysis better than yours. (I'm not so interested in "your" other teams.) I read Bruins Nation, but it's more of a "raw-raw let's go team" write-up. Yours are spot on -- what happened on the floor discussion. I hope you keep it up.


Seitz said...

Thanks. I appreciate the compliment.

waters96 said...

I hope you keep posting. I really appreciate what you're doing, especially as a dislocated SoCal living in NoCal. Think about it. You will definitely be missed.