Friday, March 07, 2008

Congrautlations, Bruins

Three straight Pac 10 titles: Good

Darren Collison: Very good

Call at the end of the game: Probably not that great, but they blew a couple of huge calls that led to Stanford points, specifically Mitch Johnson's double dribble and Lawrence Hill's charge on the go ahead basket.

Me: Very, very sick.

Doug Gottlieb: Very, very stupid.

This is from the "Around the Rim" column today:
UCLA looked OK, but got nothing from Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, Alfred Aboya, Lorenzo Mata-Real and Josh Shipp. Even Russell Westbrook was highly ineffective at times against Stanford.
Only in Doug Gottlieb's strange little world is 10 points and 11 rebounds from your fifth option, playing against two seven footers, "nothing". And only in that same world is 19 points "ineffective". Christ, every player has times during a game where they're ineffective. Let's face it, Doug Gottlieb is an expert on two things, stealing credit cards and missing free throws. The guy's an idiot.

Now it's time to close it out and win the title outright on Saturday.

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The Chronicler said...

Doug Gottlieb is a major league moron. We know this.

Remember, he thinks Collison and Westbrook are the weak links in our starting 5.