Friday, February 15, 2008

NHL Network

Imagine if you will a sports highlights program where the emphasis in on the highlights. Yes, there's a studio crew, but their job is to introduce the highlights, and when they kick it over to the action, the action is the show. Imagine a show that shows highlights narrated by the actual people calling the game! Feel the excitement of the broadcasters who call the action as if they were calling while it happens (even though it's a replay)! Imagine a show where the action speaks for itself!

I know what you're thinking. Where's the "Boo-Yah!" to tell me when something interesting happens? I am a sheep who requires prompting!

Well, if you're not thinking that, and you long for the highlight program that SportsCenter could be, that Sportscenter USED to be before they decided personalities were more important than actual highlights, then NHL network is where you belong. One small caveat is that you have to like hockey, but I kinda figured that was a given.

Seriously, though, the nightly highlight show on the NHL network is sports highlights as they were meant to be seen. It's actually quite similar to what you used to get at halftime of English League games. Pure highlights, no distractions, and not just all goals. Good scoring chances, great saves, and big hits make the cut as well. All the action that's actually worth seeing.

If only certain unwatchable sports networks could take the hint.

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