Sunday, November 11, 2007

Do You Believe in Unlikelihoods?!

You make the call. What's more unlikely:
  1. Illinois goes into Columbus and beats the number 1 Ohio State Buckeyes;
  2. Juice Williams throws for four touchdowns; or
  3. the Kings, trailing 4-0, get five goals against Dallas in the final seven minutes and win 6-5 in overtime?

Welcome home, pal.

1 comment:

"THE" University of Illinois said...

First option, definitely. It was theoretically conceivable that Juice could've thrown 4 td's against some directional school at some point in his career. But I would have never, ever thought that the Illini could: a) beat OSU, b) beat OSU at home, c) beat OSU at home when they were ranked numero uno. Seriously. That is pretty unbelievable. Guess we should enjoy it while it lasts.