Thursday, October 18, 2007

New Pornographers: A Quick Recap

This is for the Thursday, 10/18 show at the Metro. Due to my inability to read a calendar, I also have a ticket for tomorrow night's show (10/19), but I won't be going due to the Raveonettes being in town. Anyway:
  • The most awesomest part of the evening was seeing the lineup take the stage. I wasn't even sure if Neko Case would be on the tour. She usually is when they play their main Chicago show, but she's got her own deal, and Kathryn Calder can pick up the slack, as she did at Pitchfork. But Neko played, and that wasn't even the best part. The band was in Full Bejar tonight. Wasn't sure I'd ever see another set with him, but apparently he's on this tour. Dan Bejar is pretty freaking awesome, though I don't think he was too jazzed about the Metro being smoke free.
  • Honestly, I've heard them play a little tighter. After the first Bejar song (Myriad Harbor, I think, but that could be wrong), Carl Newman's vocals sounded a little off for some reason, probably mic related. Also, he forgot the words to part of song early in the set. Can't remember which one (it's not like I take notes or anything). Still, they know how to entertain. So even at less than their best, they're still fantastic.
  • Speaking of Kathryn Calder, she really provides a nice visual distraction. Not that Neko is anything to sneeze at, but Kathryn Calder is really enjoyable to look at. I was about 10 feet from the stage, more or less in the middle of the room, and by the time NP went on, I had maneuvered into an area where I could see the whole stage, except for maybe Todd Fancey.
  • I'm not really one for a lot of audience participation. I like to move around a bit and enjoy the beat, and sometimes I'll sing along quietly to myself, but I don't usually go in for stuff like handclapping and whatnot. But I've go to admit, I clapped along to Spirit of Giving in the "Cloud prayer Mary, come on" part. I just got caught up in the total Bejarness of the evening.
  • Emma Pollock was really good, and I'll probably be downloading or buying her debut CD at some point. I never really listened to the Delgados, but I like her solo stuff a lot. And she's got a bitchin Scottish accent.
  • Here's the incomplete and out of order setlist. They opened with "All things...." and the last three songs in the setlist are in order. That was the encore:
  1. All the Things That Go to Make Heaven and Earth
  2. Mass Romantic
  3. Electric Version
  4. The Laws Have Changed
  5. Testament to Youth in Verse
  6. Twin Cinema
  7. Use It
  8. Bleeding Heart Show
  9. Jackie Dressed in Cobras
  10. Sing Me Spanish Techno
  11. My Rights Vs. Yours
  12. All the Old Showstoppers
  13. Challengers
  14. Myriad Harbor
  15. Go Places
  16. Adventures in Solitude
  17. Spirit of Giving
  18. Execution Day
  19. From Blown Speakers
  20. My Slow Descent into Alcholism
Personal disappointments include failures to play Graceland, Ballad of A Comeback Kid, and everyone always wants to hear Letter From an Occupant. Also, any additional Bejar would have been appreciated. Oh, and Mutiny I Promised You. But it's tough to complain about an hour and half set, and 20 songs. They always give everyone their money's worth.


Pinko Punko said...

Wow. They played the top three Bejar songs (TtYiV, JDiC, SoG)- wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. You know, I would have dug it if they played "Failsafe"- I love that song.

You should get the Delgado's CDs- start with "Hate." Also, the Pollack CD is on emusic.

Seitz said...

Yeah, but I'm out of downloads this month, so I'll have to wait. I've listened to it on Rhapsody.

Ballad is the best Bejar song, IMO.

robola said...

I'll d'load it on eMusic if i can find it! Look for an email soon!