Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Remote Blogging

Coming to you from DFW, where my connecting flight was cancelled and I'm waiting on another one.
  • Kings sign Stuart, Handzus, Preissing, Calder, and Nagy: Pretty savvy operating by Dean Lombardi in my opinion. Anze Kopitar, Mike Cammalleri, and Jack Johnson are going to be the guys who lead the Kings into the future, and Dean didn't sign interlopers. And on top of that, he left them with terrific cap flexibility going forward so that they can keep those guys. I'm not sold on the need for another goaltender, not because I believe their goaltending is good enough, but because I believe it won't matter next year. And I believe that by the time it does matter, Jonathan Bernier will be ready.
  • UCLA gets commitment from Jrue Holliday: Really an amazing pickup, especially considering that Lorenzo Romar can recruit with the best of them, and Holliday's brother is at Washington. But this gives UCLA four players in the top thirty in next year's class, joining Love and Stanback from this year's class. They have the bodies and talent to replace Darren Collison. They are going to be very deep and talented in the backcourt. Look for the 2009 class to feature big men.
  • Angels take two of three from Baltimore, but are losing right now: Such is baseball. Ervin was striking guys out like crazy, but get banged up on two homers, and his bullpen and defense blew up in his absences, tossing the Rangers a couple more runs. But it won't matter tonight, because they can't solve Kevin Millwood, a guy with an ERA over 7.00. Carrasco is gone, which is a plus, but Napoli is a victim of Sunday's game ending play at the plate, and hits the 15 day DL. That's gonna hurt. Two of three from Baltimore was a nice pick-me-up, but they'll need to rebound in the last couple of games against Texas. And Brad Wilkerson just hit three homers. I don't think it was Santana so much as just a guy who was on fire.
In an hour, hopefully I'll be on a plane getting some sleep.


freddy adu said...

Great job in goal tonight in the win vs brazil seitz.

Anonymous said...

Loser. No more soccer comments. Serioulsy.