Friday, June 15, 2007

Are there two Adam Dunns?

I only ask because apparently Cincinnati is thinking about trading one of them, but it can't be the guy that played left field in the recently completed series, because they're asking, well, a bit too much for that one.
The Angels had preliminary discussions with Cincinnati about acquiring Dunn, according to a baseball source, but those talks quickly ended when the Reds requested a proven major league starting pitcher, a major league infielder — preferably a second baseman — and a top prospect.

Those demands were considered too hefty for a player whose $13-million option for 2008 would be voided if he's traded, meaning he could become a free agent after this season.
Umm, Okay, Cincinnati. So they're looking for Ervin Santana, Erick Aybar, and one of Conger, Adenhart, or Wood. Wow.

Apparently they're a little stung from that awful Austin Kearns deal (that would be the one that landed them Gary Majewski, who you could argue is already pitching for the Angels).
The Angels probably wouldn't even trade second baseman Howie Kendrick for Dunn straight up, according to the source.
Probably? Probably wouldn't? I sure as hell hope they wouldn't!

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