Sunday, May 13, 2007


If the Angels lose a game, chances are it has Hillenbrand's fingerprints all over it. Today, he may have homered, but he also left five guys on base, three in scoring position, in his last two at bats.

The guy sucks. Everyone knew he sucked before the Angels signed him, except possibly Bill Stoneman.

His failure to drive in a run in either at bat meant that Scot Shields was pitching the ninth, instead of Frankie, and Shields has more or less been about as reliable as a Trabant this season, and once again, he didn't even give his fielders a chance, serving up a game ending gopher ball to Nelson Cruz. Erick Aybar wasn't any better, going 0-5 and leaving six men on base. The difference, however, between Aybar and Hillenbrand is that Aybar can contribute defensively, and has played to a level that has warranted more playing time. Shea hasn't.

Santana was not good, but he kept his team in the game, though he continuously blew leads. Then again, if you expected Santana, against the Rangers offense, on the road, during the day, to even come close to pitching a good game, you're a moron.

On the plus side, Kotchman and HGHMJ each had three hits, and Napoli is up over .200. And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that Alfonso Maquez is a fucking idiot, not only screwing up a tag up play (in the Angels' favor), but also booting Carrasco for "throwing at" Ian a tie game....with no one the seventh inning....with a curve ball. Kinsler, of course, did nothing to move out of the way of the pitch, but that no longer matters to major league umps. Scioscia, for his part, got tossed while telling Marquez he's a fucking idiot.

It's looking like the Royals series. Weaver goes tomorrow, and don't be surprised if the Angels turn a good opportunity into a pile of crap yet again.


NFL Adam said...

Kinsler's not moving illustrates just how slow that ball was traveling. There was no way that ball was going 80 mph, like the Rangers scoreboard indicated.

Kenneth said...

Bill, I am surprised that you haven't been able to counter your Angel angst with joy for the success of the Ducks! :P

Seitz said...

I know it's been a while, but I'll assume you're kidding.

Do you still have the "NHL My Dick" license plate?

Kenneth said...

You mean you aren't the World's #1 Duck fan? hehe

Yes, I am kidding with you. It's too bad, they have become a good team and franchise. Got to go to game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals back in '03. It was pretty sweet.

As for NHLMYDK, that car was totaled by my younger brother back in the 90s.

Seitz said...

Yeah, but you could have saved the plates.

Then again, it was probably karma.