Friday, January 05, 2007

UCLA 71; Oregon State 56

Didn't see it. Only those of you special enough to live in SoCal got this game. Instead, I got some lame womens' game and something about Texas football. Yippee!

Elsewhere, the bloom is off Oregon's rose after choking at home against $C last night, so Saturday's match-up loses some luster. But the Bruins should beware of team that wants to take out some frustrations. Also, Washington and Arizona played an exciting game. Props to Arizona on a big win. Maybe someday those two teams will discover that they're actually supposed to play at both ends of the floor.


Anonymous said...

Defense is overrated; especially if you shoot 60% from the field. :)

-Arizona Fan.

Seitz said...

Too bad you can't play Washington every night.

Arizona Fan said...

It doesn't matter who we play...

Washington 65%
Stanford 61%
Cal 60.3%

and on, and on...

-Arizona Fan.

Seitz said...

We? I didn't realize you played for Arizona.

And oops! WSU 39.4% Guess it does matter.