Saturday, November 11, 2006

Back to the Midwest tomorrow

Back to the cold. Back to work (new job). Kinda sucks really.

So how did I spend my last few weeks?

Countless visits to the hospital (my dad's a lot better, thanks)
4 rounds of golf
3 trips to court (don't ask)
2 visits to Indian casinos
2 trips to In-N-Out (I know, only two)
2 dinners at a really good Mexican food restaurant
1 wedding (not mine), including reception and rehearsal dinner
1 trip to Palm Springs (for the wedding)
1 trip to San Diego (saw Borat with an old college roommate)
1 Kings home game
1 high school football game
1 meet up with Welch, Halofan, the Chronicler, Cupie, and Steve Smith.
1 trip to the UCR bookstore

A fairly eventful couple of weeks, I guess. Midday flight tomorrow means missing most of the days' college football, which sucks, but it is what it is.


Josh said...

I actually never cared that much for In-n-Out. Carl's Jr.'s Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger, on the other of the gods.

Seitz said...


Rob said...

Sorry we didn't get to hook up, but it seems like our schedules were totally out of whack. Next time I'm in Chicago, maybe.

Seitz said...

Yeah, it was kind of a crazy two weeks. I'll be home around Christmas again, though.