Monday, October 23, 2006

An Unfortunate Possibility

From Jon Heyman at

Edmonds back to Angels?

Some folks believe former Angel Jim Edmonds, a Fullerton, Calif., native and free agent, would like to return to Anaheim. When he left, some teammates saw him as something of a hot dog. But he's still a pretty good center fielder.

I hearby unequivocally state that if Jim Edmonds returns to the Angels, I will suspend myself from Angels fandom until such time as he is no longer a member of the team. I will not root for the Angels as long as Jim Edmonds wears an Angels uniform, should that come to pass.

I am not joking.


Keith said...

If I see that punk in an Angels uniform, I cannot be responsible for my actions. - And on a completely separate note, congrats on your new gig!

imjudyb said...

Okay, I won't give up my season tickets if this happens but I sure hope it doesn't. Local boy or not, I hope the Angels learned something from the Steve Finley debacle - the guy's too old and too often injured to be any use to the team - not to mention the attitude factor. Not a good idea at all.