Monday, September 04, 2006

So anyway

I hear this Tiger Woods guy is pretty good. It's called history, folks. You're watching it.

Actually, I've met Tiger once. Back in 1992 when I was a freshman in college, I played with my dad as a guest in a corporate tournament at Riviera about three weeks before the L.A. Open. It was the year Tiger played in a professional tournament for the first time at Riv, and he was on the course that day as a guest of the folks putting on the event playing a practice round. At the buffet after the event, there were a couple of empty seats next to my dad and me, and Tiger and his father sat next to us. As someone who played high school golf for four years prior, I knew who he was. Can't remember much of the conversation, and he wasn't one millionth as famous as he is now, but still, that's my brush with golf greatness.

And on another note, posting will infrequent to non-existent for the next week+. I leave Wednesday on vacation. Driving back to Montana to visit relatives and to meet up with my parents who will be attending my dad's 50 year high school reunion. I'll be playing the top three courses in North Dakota at various stages of the journey. The first day will be a roughly 840 mile drive to Bismarck, which is about 160 miles short of my longest one day drive, but still plenty long. Should be fun.


Uk Halo said...

"As of last Sunday, I quit the game of golf..."

Seitz said...

You need to read that initial post. I said that these rounds were already scheduled. It's a family thing.