Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ugh. Red Sox 5; Angels 4

11 runners left on base, a hell of a lot of them in scoring position. That's the main story of tonight's game. The secondary story line was Kelvim's inability to get off to a good start, which put the Angels in a hole that they should have been able to dig out from. But time after time after time they let golden opportunities go by the wayside, none worse than in the seventh inning. After loading the bases with one out on a Robb Quinlan single that couldn't get Cabrera home from second, Tim Salmon struck out on four pitches, never bothering to swing at any of them, and Howie Kendrick knocked the first pitch he saw back to the pitcher to end the threat. And that pretty much summed up the evening.

L - O - B

In his defense, Escobar was outstanding from the second third inning on, but damage was already done. Just can't afford to lose games in which they get that many chances to tie it up. I think the monkey's got a virus. Time for a new monkey.

Last night's gain in the standings is gone, and the Angels are back to -5.


Rob said...

Hey, Seitz, you're not related to Peter Seitz, are you?

Seitz said...

Not to my knowledge. My grandfather was from a large family, but I don't think there's any relation Peter Seitz. Seitz is one of those uncommon names that isn't really all that uncommon in some parts of the country.