Wednesday, August 16, 2006

If that's how they want to play it...

Next series with the Rangers, first opportunity, DeRosa's got to go down. They've got a lot of prime targets in that lineup, but DeRosa's a cheap-shotting little bitch. We'll see if he has the balls to charge someone who's actually waiting for him instead of going after someone who's already engaged in a fight with another player.

Hats off to Kevin Gregg and Brendan Donnelly. Texas is managed by the whiniest little punk bitch in the league, and the real tragedy tonight was that no one took the liberty to beat the shit out of Showalter when he was on the field.

Special pussy award to Bitch Feldman, who conveniently avoided throwing at the larger Juan Rivera and Howie Kendrick, preferring to throw at the smaller Adam Kennedy. You're a real man, Feldman.

I hope this isn't over. By the next time these two teams meet, the rosters will be expanded, and both team will be out of the race (considering the A's will win all of their remaining games against the pathetic Mariners). Some Rangers need to go down, and they need to go down hard.

And John Lackey, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get that angry on the mound in your next start. PLEASE get mad and challenge hitters. PLEASE pitch like you're angry. It's when you're at your best.


The Chronicler said...

I don't know ... DeRosa was protecting his pitcher, which any position player has the right to do. I think of the culprits here being Padilla for escalating it yesterday (either out of malice or incompetence) and Feldman (the ledger was even before he hit Kennedy).

Josh said...

And why no mention of Curtis Pride for leaping onto DeRosa? It almost looks like in some replays that AK had the upper hand on DeRosa (he didn't stop fighting while they were on the ground) by the time people were separated.