Friday, July 28, 2006

Carlos Lee comes to the AL West - Who cares?

First reaction? Big deal. He really doesn't make the Rangers much better, if at all, and the negligible difference between Lee and a Mensch/Cordero combination is even lessened by the fact that there's only about 60 games left. The best possible result for the Rangers would be to force the Angels to do something stupid and give up the farm for Soriano/Tejada/etc.

Stand firm, Bill Stoneman. Don't make a trade just to make a trade. Don't deal any of the top prospects for a rental. If you get an offer you simply can't refuse, I'll understand, but in the absence of something overwhelming, I want to see Wood, Kendrick, Weaver, Aybar, and Adenhart at Spring Training next year.

Let's face it, despite this move, and any moves the A's may make, the Angels still may be good enough to win the division, as none of their opponents are very good. And nothing they do is going to make them good enough to win the WS this year, so any big deal is done essentially to win the West and taste post-season defeat again. Don't be fooled, Bill. The future is very bright. Don't dim those lights.


NFL Adam said...

Kendrick and Weaver have moved from prospects to every-day players. They are entrenched in the lineup and a contending team rarely trades away starting players.

Wood, Aybar and Adenhart mean nothing to me. For all you know, they could be the next Kotchman or McPherson. But you know Tejada is a player.

Seitz said...

I also know that he costs about 15 times what those three cost combined. I also know that his addition doesn't make the team a World Series winner this year, and quite possibly keeps them from winning a World Series in the future.