Sunday, May 07, 2006

Checking in and answering questions

Couple of quick comments to address:

1) Anonymous, who is probably Mike Po writes: "your not gonna go the game this week? USe russ' ticket if he cant go. Hey the angels just won the world series in 2002. You have another year before you can bitch. I expect to see you chearing on the clippers in the meantime."

First, Russ hasn't mentioned having an extra ticket. Second, there's really only one night I could make it to any of the games, and that's Tuesday, so unless the ticket's for that night, it really doesn't matter. I've got golf tournaments Tuesday, (hopefully) Wednesday, and Thursday, so that kind of throws a monkey wrench into things. Third, the Angels suck, so I'm not sure I'd want to sit through it anyway. Fourth, I gotta think the abuse walking into and mostly out of the Cell will be amplified greatly this season, although walking out with a 6'5" Polish guy usually helps deter any physical violence. So anyway, yeah, I'm probably not going to any of the games this week. It's as much a logistical issue as anything.

2) Clarence Seedorf, who is probably Phil, writes: " lets get a world cup section on the blog."

Possible, but I wouldn't get my hopes up. Due to time zone issues, this World Cup is really going to suck for those of us with jobs that force us to work during the day, much like the Olympic hockey tournament sucked. Given the choice, I'd much prefer to see the Weltmeisterschaft played in Asia like it was four years ago. Sure, games were on anywhere between 11:00 pm and 7:00 am, but I can go without sleep. If I want to stay up late, or get up at 3:00 am to watch a soccer game, I can do that. I can't very well just skip work, at least not for a month. The last time the cup was played in Europe, I was still a slacker working part time at a golf course. Assuming I haven't been fired before the tournament starts (always a distinct possibility), I'm not going to see very much of it live. And I don't do well watching recorded sports unless I'm watching something I really want to see over and over again, like the Illinois-Arizona game from the 2005 NCAA Tournament, or games six and seven of the 2002 World Series.

As for the Angels, it was nice to see them throw us a couple of bones this weekend, but they're still on pace for 2-7 trip after they lose tomorrow and get swept by the Sox. Oh well, at least my fantasy teams are doing well. The secret? I didn't draft any of the Angels' position players.


Anonymous said...

yeah, i know, no more angels stuff on the blog... but holy #$&@ did we suck in chicago tonight. i hope you didn't pay money to go see that debacle. i was considering going up for the game, but what's the point -- i can turn the shit off when it's on tv and d-mac is striking out three times in a row.

ugh, and illini basketball... don't get me started.

Seitz said...

I probabybly wasn't going to be able to make it anyway, but I have almost no interest in going to that park to watch them play. They're just not a good team this year. And I agree, it's much easier to just turn it off when they inevitably give up more runs in one inning than they'll get all game.