Monday, May 01, 2006

A's 2; Angels 1

And the long slide into mediocrity out of mediocrity and into downright suckitude continues. And with the schedule for the next week, it doesn't appear that thing will get any better. Look, the horse is dead, so he's not going to mind the beating, but this offense is just absolutely awful. Yeah, I know that Anderson and Salmon hit a couple of balls pretty hard. Big deal. A loud out is still an out. As I said over the Rev's site, it's gotta be a great feeling rooting for the Angels' opponent, knowing that as soon as you get a lead, the game is essentially over. They have one guy that can get them back into ballgames, and he's hitting just as poorly as everyone else right now.

Lost in the shuffle was a fine beformance by Pipo, who held the A's to one run through six strong innings. But you could tell watching this game that one run was going to be enough. They. Can't. Score. Runs.

In about a week I'm going to be ready to call up Weaver, Wood, and Morales, trade Kennedy, cut Alfonso, and just throw 2006 to the history books. Just tell the kids that no matter how bad it gets, they're going to play, because this is becoming a lost season. In about a week, after they lose another 1-0 or 2-1 game to the A's and their Cy Young candidate Brad Halsey tomorrow, after they've dropped two Detroit, three of four to Toronto, and after they get swept in Chicago, they'll be officially done. Give Bart the rest of the year to recover, give the kids a ton of at bats, and let's get 'em in 2007.

Congratulations to Kendrick on his first major league hit. He was tied for the most productive hitter on the team tonight. Although looking at this lineup, it's nothing to brag about.


J. Michael Neal said...

You aren't prone to overreacting, are you?

Josh said...

Wow, 2 games out of first place on May 1st and you are giving up on the season. That has to be some sort of a record.

Seitz said...

Have you seen the last four games, and five of the last six? When this team faces a decent pitcher, they're done, unless they can scratch out one or two runs and they get a fantastic effort from their starter. That's not a sustainable strategy for winning over 162 games. They have no offense. None. Zero.

Look at the Angels offense and look at the A's offense. Tell me which one you think is going to be worse over the course of the season. We have one good hitter, a couple of OK hitters, and a lot of dreck. I think we all came in optimistic that Kotchman could do what he did last year over a whole season, and that Mathis could hit somewhere around .250, and that Rivera would provide the production they've lacked from the DH slot. O for 3 so far.

This season isn't going to be pretty.

Josh said...

So you are saying that last year and the year before and in 2002 that they never went through a week where they lost 4 in a row and/or their offense stunk? This team's offense was never really predicted to be that good (somewhat better than last year's), and they aren't doing that bad considering the automatic outs at 1st and catcher, Rivera's injury, and Vlad's inability to hit a double. Imagine what they can do when Mathis and Kotchman start hitting and Rivera is back.

The Chronicler said...

Josh, if you knew Seitz the way some of us know Seitz, nothing in this post will surprise you. He probably gave up on the 2002 team around 15 times that summer. This is just his way, and it is not ours to question.