Thursday, March 23, 2006


I mean,! That's two years in a row for me, folks. I'll have more later. I need to watch the end 2 or 3 or 27 more times, but man, what a finish.

Initial thoughts, though:
  • If I had a vote for player of the year, after what I saw tonight, it would go to......JJ Redick. I'm a slow white guy. If I were a 6'8" slow white guy AND ALLOWED TO FOUL ON EVERY SINGLE OFFENSIVE POSESSION, I'm pretty sure I could get 30 points a night, too.
  • The "on the floor" call on the foul on Darren Collison in the final minutes may be the worst call in the history of organized basketball.
  • Ced Bozeman, you could tell, simply decided that his career was not going to end tonight. hey need more of that on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

I second the point about the "on the floor" call -- me and about seven other people in the room tonight all let out a collective "What the fuck?!?!?" after that call. Total b.s. Stunning incompetence in officiating continues unabated ...

ImjudyB said...

I almost wonder, though, if it didn't help the Bruins in the end. That call may have been the push they needed to inspire the win.

Judy from OC