Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Light Posting

Christmas break. Family in town. Kicked out of my old bedroom, where the computer resides.

Just got back from the crowdedest place on earth. Ugh.


JudyB said...

Did you forget to check with the locals? Never go to D-land when the So Calif passes are blacked out! It's always crowded during the holidays.
P.S. If you're still in town January 11th, come back to the OC -the ESPNzone is hosting the Angels' Talk radio show, and Mickey Hatcher is supposed to be there. Starts at 7 pm, but you need to be there before 6 to get a table.

Seitz said...

I'm only here until the fourth. We had to go to Disneyland when we did because my nieces are heading back to Anchorage tomorrow. Otherwise, I'd never go when it's that crowded.

J. Michael Neal said...

Anaheim's a dump anyway. Worst week of my life was the three days of the 1999 NCAA Frozen Four.