Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Wings a bunch; Kings not so much

God Damn this team really pisses me off sometimes. Like tonight for instance.

And I like the new rules and all, but I must have missed the part where they outlawed checking.


Anonymous said...

My only comment is: why the FUCK did we let Dave Tippet go to Dallas?

Anonymous said...

actually, one more: a nice big F U to Andy Murray for the most ASININE quote of the year, when he suggested our powerplay will be our enforcer in the absence of, like, a really fucking enforcer. Hey Andy, in case you hadn't notice, our gd power play is worthless. We should just start declining them at this point.

nice goal by Corvo, tho.

oh, and Garon should have gotten the start. He was on a good little streak there.

J. Michael Neal said...

I'm trying to think who the Wings' enforcer would be, and I'm drawing a blank. The closest would be Shanahan or Chelios, but neither of them really fits the bill.

Seitz said...

I actually thought LaBarbera played really well, but the Kings were so outclassed last night it was ridiculous. From what I've seen this year, there are two great teams in the West, Nashville and Detroit. Then there are about 6 or 7 good teams, then the dregs. Right now, the Kings are clearly in the second group, as much as we want them to be in th first group.

As for Tippet, you can't deny a guy an opportunity to be a head coach. But there was something magical about those special teams.

As for Murray, I don't think he was saying that the PP is good enough to be out enforcer. He was saying it needs to be. It clearly isn't. It's awful, which is weird with all of the offensive talent we have.