Sunday, October 16, 2005

UCLA 44; Wazzu 41 (F-OT)

Well, I was so distraught about the Angels loss that I didn't have the heart to do a write up on this game last night. In addition, I was pretty pissed off at the way the Bruins played last night, especially on defense. I've never sat and watched one of my teams come back from such a huge deficit and been so indifferent. I was just pissed at the predictable way in which they gave up 180 rushing yards to Jerome Harrison in the first half

Give the Bruins a lot of credit, though. Every time I though "they need seven here or the game is over", they got into the end-zone. Drew Olson looked shaky early, but he really put it together in the second half, ending the game with 338 yards and five touchdowns. On the ground Maurice Jones-Drew had over 100 yards and a touchdown (the game winner in OT), as well as a 45 yard receiving touchdown.

The key to the game, in my opinion, was the drive at the end of the third quarter/beginning of the fourth. With the Bruins trailing by 17, and the defense finally starting to step up, UCLA took the ball on their own 20 with 23 seconds remaining. They got a pass interference call for 15 yards. Then Olson threw to Jones-Drew for 12 yards, ending in a late hit penalty for another fifteen yards. As time expired in the third quarter, WSU roughed Olson for another 15 yards, setting up an untimed play at the end of the quarter. 3 plays, 23 seconds, 57 yards. Olson then completed a 7 yard pass to Marcus Everett before the teams switched sides of the field. Another quick hit to Everett got the ball to the nine yard line, and from there, Olson hit Marcedes Lewis for the touchdown. 80 yards, 53 seconds, 7 points. It's a lot easier to come back from a 1o point deficit in one quarter than a 17 point deficit. And I can't fail to mention that the drive that tied the game was 96 yards long. Impressive work by the senior quarterback.

Tough game, first real road test, and under difficult circumstances, they found a way to pull it out. The Bruins are still undefeated, and they're officially bowl eligible. But my expectations for this season are certainly tempered a bit. After watching the last two games, watching the defensive line get hammered, and watching Berkely's and Wazzu's running backs have field days againt the Bruins defense, I swear, Reggie Bush is going to run for 1,000 yards against this team.

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